Making Geeks Podcast with Mark O’Keefe, Josh Price, Wes Swain and Shawn Jolicoeur

MAKING GEEKS is a podcast for people who are striving to find the balance between raising great kids and holding onto their creative passions that keep them SANE.

Whether it’s woodworking, prop building, 3D Printing, or gaming, we’re trying to make a new generation of geeks the best way we can… Legos, 80’s Cartoons and a heaping exposure of geek culture.

Making Geeks Episode 47 “Sit and Spin”


Milled Aluminum spinner from Tony Rouleau Hillview Wood and Metal

Description: Mark’s Finger Explodes, Josh still wants to go to space, and Wes and Shawn are headed to Maker Faire. And this weeks topic: Fidget Spinners, harmless toy or gateway to delinquincy?

Notes: Giaco WhateverShawn’s Geeking Out Video, Maker Faire Bay Area, Tamogochi, Pencil Fighting, Slap Bracelets



patreon_navigation_logo_mini_orangeTop Patreon Supporters: Seth Williams, Maker on the Move, and AJ Huff



Making Geeks Episode 46 “Maker Powers Unite”

ep46Description: If you could pick 5 Makers to create the best build team possible, who would you choose? Vote for your favorite team

Notes: Josh’s Trip to the Kennedy Space Center, Bobby Duke, Wes modeling Frostmourne

patreon_navigation_logo_mini_orangeTop Patreon Supporters: Seth Williams, Maker on the Move, and AJ Huff


The Maker Teams: Voting Will Open Soon

Team Josh

Team Mark

Team Wes

Team Shawn

Frank Howarth Elon Musk, Izzy Swan Jimmy DiResta
Adam Savage The Engineer Guy  William Ossman Ben Uyeda
Grant Imahara Jaime Hyneman Jeff Highsmith Ben Heck
Rebecca DeGroot Simone, Giertz James Bruton Bill Doran (Punished Props),
Alec Steele Tori Belleci Primitive Technology Nick Offerman


Making Geeks Episode 45 “Stealing It”

The_Riddler_3Description: In an attempt to lighten the mood from the last episode, we are “borrowing” a segment from another podcast- please enjoy our round table of fun questions and answers.

Notes: Wes’ Geeksmithing Channel Trailer, EvanTube

Making Geeks Episode 44 “Don’t Trust the Sweater Vest”

parentsDescription: We get a little topical in this episode as we discuss the ethics and fall out of a YouTube channel that features a family who plays pranks on their kids. Go give your kids a big hug after hearing this episode.

Notes: Wes’ Geeksmithing Channel Trailer, EvanTube, We will not link to the channel we discussed, but you can search for it at your own discretion on YouTube

Making Geeks Episode 43 “Summer’s Eve”

brand buildingDescription: How do promote yourself online and in person without sounding pompous and annoying? We also announce the winner of the custom Making Geeks Notebook Giveaway!

Notes: William Osman YouTube, The Last Jedi Trailer, GeekSmithing Egg Decorating Robot

Making Geeks Episode 42 “2017 Summer Movie Preview”

 Listen in as we geek out about all of the big summer movies coming out this year. Which ones are we excited to see? Find out now.


Making Geeks Episode 41 “The Doubt Monster”

doubtDescription: Josh and Wes recap the Atlanta Wood Working show and we talk about how to tackle the doubt monster. What do you do when you start to doubt your actions and decisions as a father, maker, and provider?

Notes: Danielle Hughes Go Fund Me

Making Geeks Episode 40 “The Social Network”

ep40TNDescription: Josh and Wes are on location at the Missing Digit Woodshop for Atlanta Wood Working show as we talk about the ins and outs of networking. Listen in for surprise visits from Andy Birkey, Tony Rouleau, and Chris Dixon

Notes: Andy Birkey #BlameBirkey, Tony Rouleau’s Hillview Wood and Metal,  Joel Crawford’s Missing Digit Woodshop, Chris Dixon, Shawn’s Burrito Repair Kit

Making Geeks Episode 39 “A Particular Set of Skills”

skillsDescription: This week we discuss the maker, dad, and life skills that are often overlooked and undervalued, oh and Josh talks about his man crush

Notes: Josh’s MakerCast InterviewBrain Candy LiveCornell Note Taking, MakingGeeks Patreon

Making Geeks Episode 38 “Title Fight”

maker_edDescription: How do we justify using the title of Maker as opposed to all the other titles for creating objects, content, and experiences?

Notes: Josh’s MakerCast InterviewGeekBuilders StoreNintendo Switch

Making Geeks Episode 37 “Get on the Bus”

missedDescription: What do you do when you feel opportunity is passing you by? We tackle this question and more.

Notes: GeekBuilders StoreNintendo Switch

Making Geeks Episode 36 “You Asked We Answered”

 This is a special Q n A episode of the podcast. Listen in as we attempt to answer the wide variety of questions that our listeners have thrown at us.

Notes: GeekBuilders StoreNintendo Switch, Mallrats

Making Geeks Episode 35 “You Gotta Work It”

e3379887162213770c82289ddc021135 2Description:
 Does work get in the way of making? How do schedule your day so that you maintain that balance your creative passions that keep you sane? We try to answer that and more

Notes: Izzy Swan (The Social Media Embassador, Josh’s hidden game console video, Shawn’s Infinity Heart Video

Making Geeks Episode 34 “With Great Power”

safetyDescription: Creating Content online is like dealing with the wild west. What responsibilities do we have to our audiences?


Making Geeks Episode 33 “Scribble Me This”

FullSizeRenderDescription: This week we are joined by the Scroll Saw Scribbler himself, Mr. Justin Christensen. We get some insight into his process, inspiration, and some plans for future projects that are pretty BA

Notes: Justin Christensen the Scroll Saw Scribbler, Justin on Facebook, Dell Dracula, Josh’s RV Workshop Video, Wes’ Twitch Stream

Making Geeks Episode 32 “The $80 Hustle”


moneyDescription: Let’s talk about cold hard cash. What revenue streams are we using and how are we currently trying to earn through making.

Notes: Justin Christensen the Scroll Saw Scribbler

Making Geeks Episode 31 “Man Down”

We’re a man down since Josh got pulled into a special work schedule, so Shawn, Wes, and Mark get to some nostalgic talk about video games.

Notes: Scorched Earth, The Legend of Kyrandia

Making Geeks Episode 30 “I’m Not the Only One”

fowl_flipoff_1Description:**Warning NSFW Language** Brian Gordon creator of Fowl Language Comics joins us to talk about all matters of the struggles and laughter of self employment and parenting, which does often require some, FOWL LANGUAGE

Notes: Brian Gordon – Fowl Language Comics, Brian’s Book, Brian’s Patreon

Making Geeks Episode 29 “When I Grow Up”


Description:What did you want to be when you grow up? How close did you come to your original dreams? We answer those questions and more this week. #easlier

Notes: Escape Rooms, Brian Gordon – Fowl Language Comics, Monoprice 3d Printer

Making Geeks Episode 28 “In the Future”


Description:Welcome to 2017! Listen in as we reflect on 2016 and layout our plans for what we have in store for the New Year

Notes: Keith Decent – Site / YouTube, FunWithWoodWorking,

Making Geeks Episode 27 “OMG Rogue One Spoilercast with Bob Clagett”


Description:Spoiler Warning: This is a spoiler heavy review of Rogue One, listen in as we geek out over the latest installment of the Star Wars Saga

Notes: Rogue One Trailer, ILikeToMakeStuff, Bob’s Shore Trooper Helmet, Film Theory Rogue One Prediction

Making Geeks Episode 26 “Merry Geekmas”


Description:In our first Holiday episode, we talk about holiday traditions and geek gift recommendations

Notes: Beanboozled Challenge, National Association of Self Employed, Prusa MKII 3D Printer, Shawn’s article about “MakingIt100” in Boston,

Making Geeks Episode 25 “That’s a Wrap”


Description: Listen in as we recap all of the fun and shenanigans from our live show in Boston! #WheresWes

Notes: MakingIt,

Making Geeks Episode 24 “Making it Strange: Review of Dr. Strange”

Description: Warning!!! **Spoilers** The Making Geeks Crew review the film Dr. Strange in all of its wonder and weirdness. Shambala!!!

Notes: Jimmy DiResta, Making It 100, Mike and Lauren, Peter Brown, Check out Wes’ Concrete Thwomp, MakingIt

Making Geeks Episode 23 “Squirrel Ninjas and the Friend Zone”

friendshipDescription: Making friends as an adult is strange and weird, listen to how we deal with this awkward phenomenon and the awkwardness continues as we loosen our belts and get ready for the holiday feasts coming out way. Happy Thanksgiving!

Notes: Jimmy DiResta, Making It 100, Mike and Lauren, Peter Brown, Check out Wes’ Concrete Thwomp, MakingIt

Making Geeks Episode 22 “Reaching for the Finish Line”

finishlineDescription: Join us and Josh’s sexy voice as we talk about the endless problem of finding the motivation to finish projects and follow through on long gestating builds.

Notes: Jimmy DiResta, Making It 100, Mike and Lauren,

Making Geeks Episode 21 “OMG It’s Maker and Inventor Izzy Swan”

funnydinosaurs0020_oDescription: Listen is as we dive into the creative mind of Izzy Swan as we discuss all matters of making, drill, and dinosaurs…. lots of dinosaurs

Notes: Izzy Swan, Making It 100, Peter Galbert Chairmaker, Mike and Lauren,

Making Geeks Episode 20 “Pooped out Pet Peeves”

1437135051-96460d7ddf9846477785d926d989e4ee-600x322Description: Come laugh with us as we talk about what grinds out gears and Josh figures out how to clean his pipes.

Notes: The Godfather  Izzy Swan, Making It 100, Boss Makes a dollar Elmo, Nintendo Switch, Instead of linking to The Walking Dead

Making Geeks Episode 19 “Getting All Jelly”

mg_19_tnDescription: This week we talk about the effects of jealousy on work, life, and motivations. Oh, and be careful what you tweet, your students might read them back to you.

Notes: The Incredible Izzy Swan, Making It 100, Boss Makes a dollar Elmo, Nintendo Switch, Instead of linking to The Walking Dead

Making Geeks Episode 18 “OMG It’s The 3D Printing Nerd Joel Telling!”

 The inimitable 3D Printing Nerd Joel Telling joins us this week to talk about 3D printing and it’s far reaching impact in manufacturing, education, family, and pancakes?

Notes: Joel Telling’s Channel, Ultimaker 3D Printer, Prusa 3D Printer, 5 Minute Lego ChallengeWes’ USB Thwomp Project, Josh’s RV Renovation Video, Mark’s Turntable Progress

Making Geeks Episode 17 “Secret Identities”

 Do you wear a mask? Do you have a secret identity? Has social media and trying to grow your brand turned you into someone else? We work through these questions and more.

Notes: Print the Legend Documentary, Stay at Home Dad’s Convention, Josh’s Future 3D Printer, Joel Telling, Fatherly

Making Geeks Episode 16 “Making Progress”

 Josh talks evacuation, we reflect on the wives podcast, Wes makes a big announcement, and stay away from Walmart
Notes: Vex Robotics, KickSat Personal Satellite, MakerCast with Jon Berard,  Maker Faire, The P.I. Workshop RV Adventure, Shawn’s Viking Vision Interview

Making Geeks Episode 15 “Ladies Night”

ladies-nightDescription: The tables have turned and the ladies have taken over the podcast. Listen in as the Making Geeks wives discuss all matters of parenting, making, and geeking out

Notes: Maker Faire, The P.I. Workshop RV Adventure, Mark’s Thingiverse Page,  Wes’ Instructables Page, Shawn’s Instagram

Making Geeks Episode 14 “Struggling with the Unexpected”

Life is challenging. Listen in as we discuss our current struggles with learning to adult.

Notes: Iphone 7, Google Pixel Phone, Wes’ Instructables page, Shawn’s hydrodipping video

Making Geeks Episode 13 “Nostalgia on the Road”

This week, Josh broadcasts from a Hotel Pantry as we discuss how nostalgia impacts us as fathers, makers, and geeks.


Making Geeks Episode 12 “Epoxy and Potpourri”

This week we are joined by the esteemed Peter Brown as we tackle gaming with our kids, hating on the new Star Trek, and how Peter got started as a maker..


Making Geeks Episode 11 “Unplanned Skills”

mythbusters-discoveryDescription: Skunk problems, spaceship changing tables, ripping on Ben Affleck, and stand up comedy- just another episode of Making Geeks!

Notes: Wes’ awesome Spaceship changing table, Josh’s 5th Wheel Adventure, a helpful guide about skunks, info about the legendary George Carlin (discretion is advised)

Making Geeks Episode 10 “Balance in the Force”

apeDescription: With being fathers, geeks, makers, and everything in between, how do we keep everything in balance? Listen to this week’s episode to find out how. Oh, and Wes can sleep through a Jet landing….. literally!


Making Geeks Episode 9 “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

vacationDescription: With summer coming to a close soon, the guys talk about their most memorable vacations spots and some that they still want to visit. We also announce the winner of the Adam Savage Poster Giveaway!


Making Geeks Episode 8 “No Pants”

** Enter to win the Adam Savage’s Toolbox Poster – Just Answer the following Question: What was Wes’ first job ?

Send the Answer through your favorite social media, or send it through the contact page on the website : For Twitter For Instagram**
Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, Fun Jobs. Learn who dressed up as a giant rat, lit carnival prizes on fire, and who can paint lighthouses like no other. Tune in for a great episode.

Notes:  SevenEves by Neal Stevenson || Homeplace Creations

Making Geeks Episode 7 “Winging It”

After a week off, we are back with a new episode and a new format. With no script or agenda we talk about all matters of comic con, Josh’s new adventure and creepy Lego People.

Notes: Frank Ippolito Lego Head, Dynamen, MASK Cartoon

Making Geeks Episode 6 “Video Games and Fire Butts”

This week we discuss the phenomenon of Pokemon Go and delve deep into the effect of video games on our lives including how we view them now as parents, complete with questions, concerns, and recommendations.

Notes: Indie Game the Movie , Mario Paint , Call of Duty Helping Veterans

Making Geeks Episode 5 “Toilet Sensor and the Maker Movement”

toiletDescription: This week we tackle the idea of the Maker Movement- what it means and how it has impacted us all, even if we are just idiots with screwdrivers


Making Geeks Episode 4 “We Like to Watch Stuff”

bttfDescription: This week we are joined by Bob Clagett from I like to Make Stuff as we discuss movies and fatherhood. Listen in and find out who is afraid of clowns, who is afraid of a geek classic, and who should have their geek card revoked.


Making Geeks Episode 3 “Dreaming of Buttons”

shuttleDescription: This week we discuss all of our dream builds and what is possibly preventing us from seeing those builds through…Except for Wes- Listen to find out why.


Making Geeks Episode 2 “Attack of the Influences”

Description: This episode focuses on our past experiences and how they influenced us to be makers – Full of 80’s nostalgia and plenty of “Geeking Out”

Making Geeks Episode 1 “Hello World”

Description: In our debut podcast, we introduce ourselves to the world, discuss and what it is like to munch on a chocolate Diresta. What’s a Diresta?